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Hotel Pre-Opening

You will be provided with a wide range of support that begins long before you open your hotel doors. Our professionals have the keys to facilitate an efficient property opening process.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Custom made assessment outlining opportunities that exist for specific product in a defined market. Generally, examines potential of product in view of travel and visitation trend, existing competition, market segments and key performance indicators.

Business Plan Studies

Detailed and comprehensive study that serves as the road map for success from concept creation to measured business results.

Recruiting process and people Management

Personnel and recruitment techniques to bring out the best of people, from staff to management.


Operational Assessment

Intensive on-site review of operations covering revenue, expense centres and property specific issues. This project includes recommendations on enhancing operational efficiency, improving property performance and maximising asset value.

Asset Management

Increasing return on investment and asset value through effective revenue maximisation and cost reduction strategies for short, intermediate and long term.

Specific Department Trainings & Solutions

Techniques to bring out the best of people, from staff to management.

Sales & Marketing

Because the base of the success of a hotel lies on a comprehensive Sales & Marketing strategy, our team are experts in E-commerce, Sales & Marketing and online distribution.